Corporate Trainings

Services we provide include:

  • Study and conduct the training needs assessments of organizations;
  • Providing consulting and face-to-face training according to the needs of organizations;
  • Prepare training documents with Modules & workbooks and provide them to trainees;
  • Issuance of certificates for completion of training;
  • Providing Personal development training;

What makes our trainings unique?

  • Our training is based on hypnotherapy and NLP science;
  • Our company is the first Personal development S.C. company in Ethiopia;
  • Personal development with latest technology devices;
  • Within 10-15 min knowing the thought that you have in your subconscious mind in breakthrough, the mind is no longer hidden;
  • Using workbooks for practical learning;
  • Conduct ORGAR of any organization before training conception;
  • Preparing training materials/Workbooks, modules,…/ as per the demand of the organization;
  • Provide tailor made trainings after conducting ORGAR, training need assessment and as per the demand of the companies;