Level 1 Body Level

People at this level have the following characteristics.

  • They are mostly reactive. 
  • They live in struggling. 
  • They say life is happening to them.
  • Mostly they believe in luck.
  • They measure life by what they see, hear, smell, test & touch.
  • They don’t have much achievement in life.

Alpha Package Training included under this level is Success Journey Package: -

Success Journey package: Is the package in Level one. It’s designed to create aha moment and increase awareness to grow to mind level of consciousness.

Courses of Alpha Success Journey Package are:

  1. Succeed with your potential: to know your potential for success.
  2. Intentional Change: to awaken your desire for change.
  3. Take Responsibility: equip you to take full responsibility for your life success.
  4. Skill and Action for Success: to recognize the required skills and actions required for success;

Alpha Success Journey's total contact hour is 20 hours.